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This sample Employee Recruiting Agreement (Pro Employer) form allows a company to retain the services of an employee recruiting agency or employee placement agency to seek and submit qualified candidates to a potential employer for one or more agreed upon positions with the employer.  Provisions in the legal form address services and compensation terms, non-exclusivity of recruiter, non-solicitation of company employees by recruiter, the relationship of the parties, indemnification, non-assign ability, confidentiality of client information, Equal Opportunity Employment notice, and an attachment for general and industry specific notices and representations, background check terms and testing, and disclaimers.

This sample Website Design Development & Related Services Agreement form addresses a wide variety of issues applicable to website development and opt-in related services such as graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), copy writing, and photography services.  Such issues include the scope of work, design changes, client responsibilities, confidentiality, copyright, warranty, fee and payment issues, and others.  The form includes separate and easily modifiable schedules for flat fee and hourly rate payment, initial website design and layouts, and search engine optimization services.   To the extent copyrights in any original work product deliverables are held by the website development and design company they are assigned to the Client, with the development and design company retaining a continuing right to use such deliverables in its marketing portfolio and advertisements.

This sample Software Copyright Assignment agreement provides for the assignment of copyright in software and support materials from a software developer to the party that engaged the software contractor to develop such software and support materials, or other deliverables.


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