FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these legal forms valid in my state?

Yes. Multistate forms are drafted based on general principles of law, federal law, or uniform state statutes and are valid in all states.  State specfic forms, wills, business entity formation documents, and real estate forms, however, are more fully creatures of state statutory laws which vary and are referenced by state name.

What Guarranty of Satisfaction is offered?

Previews of sample documents are provided for most documents on each document page.  You are highly encouraged to review such sample documents closely to ensure that any document to be purchased is consistent with your needs and expectations.  However, if you are not satisfied with any document you purchase, simply contact us within 24 hours of its purchase and complete a questionairre representing and warrantying that you have not retained and will not use any copy of the document.

May I talk to a real person if I have a question?

Yes, we want your use of this site and its forms to be as useful as it is pleasant.  We will be pleased to answer your questions about the use of the forms, including the fill-in feature of each form.  However, we are NOT a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice.  Legal advice involves the application of the law to your specific facts and circumstances.  You are advised to direct all legal questions to a qualified business attorney licensed in the applicable state.  To speak to a legal forms specialist, CALL: 803.799.4585.

Can we provide you with legal advice?

No.  We are not a law firm and not your attorneys.  We provide sample legal forms and documents only.  The determination as to whether such forms and documents are suitable for your needs can only be determined by you, individually or in consultation with a competent attorney, licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction, who is familiar your specific facts and circumstances.  We advise all businesses to have legal forms reviewed by a qualified business attorney licensed in the appropriate state.  The licensing of all our documents are subject to terms and conditions set forth in this website.

Click here to find an attorney located in your state to address your legal questions and concerns.

May I resell this legal form or provide a copy to others for their use?

Generally no, with the exception of Attorneys, who are granted the right to modify any form they purchase and provide one copy, modified or not, to one client.  This limited exception aside, you may use any legal form or document licensed from us for your own use, or if licensed by a company that is a seperate legal enitity (i.e. corporation, LLC, or partnership) for the use of that legal entity.  But copyright in each form or document is retained by us and/or the author of the legal form or document.  Non-authorized use of the legal forms and documents available on this website is a violation of federal and state law and severe civil and criminal penalties may apply. 

I have seen free and super inexpensive legal forms online, why should I use Small Business Legal Forms®?

We endeavor to provide high quality legal forms for sophisticated small and medium businesses owners who are not looking to “roll the dice” on a legal form just because it was found for little or nothing online.  The costs associated with a free or super inexpensive, but poorly drafted, legal form can ultimately turn out to be hundreds or thousands of times more expensive than whatever short-term savings are enjoyed.  The value of our legal forms is to be found in their quality, flexibility, and ease of use relative to the time and cost of having an attorney provide such a form, not in their being of little or no cost.  Moreover, if changes are later to be made after a review by an attorney, it is far less expensive to modify a well-drafted legal form than to try to salvage a poorly drafted one.

How do I download a form after purchase?

After you have purchased a document using our secured payment service and your credit or debit card has been successfully processed, a confirmation page appears.  The page will contain one link for each file format the document is available in (usually a Microsoft Word® fill-in-the-blank form, Microsoft Word® plain text form, or both).  You may download any or all available versions.  All are subject to our Licensing Agreement.  The links appear in the confirmation page section titled Product Downloads. See the screen shot below. 

The status bar that is supposed to appear at the bottom of the Word® document showing instructions for filling-in blanks is not present. How do I make it appear?

When completing a fill-in-the-blank form, a description of the term or information required for each blank should be found at the bottom left hand corner of the document window or by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard.  If these do not appear, make sure that the document is protected.  Written instructions and a video tutorial for doing so can be found elsewhere on this FAQs & Tutorials page.  Once the document is protected, go to the Tools column of window and select Options.  The Options window will open.  Select the View tab and in the Show columns check the Status Bar box and close the window.  The status bar and F1 help window with Help Text will now appear.

How can I add default text to the form fields?

If using a document using the form fields feature, unprotecting and reprotecting the document causes the form fields to reset (go blank) resulting in the loss of any data they contain.  If you wish to ensure that data remains in the form field, add data as default text to the form field by double left-clicking on the field and typing text into the default text box.  You may then safely protect and unprotect the document without the data in the form field being reset.  You may also change the data in any form field by protecting the document and tabbing to the form field to be changed (the selected field will be highlighted) and typing in new data or by again double left-clicking on the field and changing the default text. See the screenshot below.

How do I unprotect (unlock) and protect (lock) the text in the body of the document?

In order to make it easy to tab through a document and complete the highlighted fill-in-the-blank and default text sections of a document, the text in the body of the document is protected.  If you wish to modify the text in the body of the document, you must unprotect the document.

If you use Microsoft Word® 2003, the toolbar may already display the form feature. If it does not, go to the “View” Column in the toolbar at the top of the document window, select “Toolbar,” then select “Forms.”  The Forms toolbar now appears at the top of the document or in its own floating window.  Click the highlighted lock icon to unprotect the body of the text.  When you unprotect the text of a document the lock icon is no longer highlighted and you may modify the body of the document.  To protect the body of the document again, simply click the lock icon. When you protect the text of a document the lock icon shows itself as highlighted.  Protecting the body of the document makes the fill-in-blank and default text sections in the document once again easy to tab through and modify.

You might also wish to watch the video tutorial below.  If you are still having difficulties contact us.

If you use Microsoft Word® 2007 or later and wish to edit the body of the document, go to the Review Tab and find the page with padlock icon in the Protect section.  By clicking on the icon you will open a dropdown menu.  Click on Restrict Formating and Editing.  A window will open on the rightside of the document.  Click the Stop Protection button at the bottom of the opened window to unprotect and edit the form.  To add the protect feature to the Quick Access Toolbar, in order to make unprotecting and protecting forms even easier, right click on the page and padlock icon and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.  To lock a form, click the Protect Document icon (a blank page and padlock), in the window that opens, click the check box for Section 2, Editing Restrictions. and select Filling in Forms in the dropdown menu, the click the botton in Section 3 that reads Yes, Start Enforcing Protection. You are now able to fill-in-the-blanks, without altering the body of the document.

After you click the button to begin enforcing protection of the body of the document, a window opens allowing you to password protect the document.  If you do not wish to password protect the document, simply press “OK.”

To unprotect the body of the document, click the Protect Document button of a protected document.  A window opens on the right side of the document. Click the “Stop Protection” button at the bottom of the window.


If you use Microsoft Word® 2010, open the developer tab and click on the Restrict Edit icon to open the protect and unprotect features.  Click on the Stop Protection on the bottom right.  To restrict the body of the document again, click on the Start Enforcing Protection button on the right and finally click on the floating password box.



How can I add, change, or remove fields in a form-field document?

If, for any reason, you wish to change the form features themselves, not just the body of the document, you will need to add the Developer Tab to the Ribbon at the top of the document window.  To add the Developer Tab, click on the Office Button (displaying the Windows® logo located at the top-left corner of the document window).  A window will open.  Click on the Word Options button at the bottom of the window.  Another window will open.  Click the box that reads “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”

Once the Developer Tab is added to the Ribbon at the top of the Word® document window, click on the Developer tab.  In the Controls section of the Ribbon, click the icon that looks like a folder behind a wrench and hammer, which will show the tooltip “Legacy Tools”. The Forms Fields are the first row of the dropdown on that button. Again, you may add the Forms Fields to the Quick Access Toolbar by right clicking the icon and clicking Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

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