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Small Business Legal Forms™ are created with the success of small businesses in mind.  This website provides sophisticated, reuseable legal forms to forward-thinking businesses as an alternative to both the high cost of legal fees for standard business forms and contracts, as well as to the low (“office supply store”) quality documents offered by most legal forms suppliers, online and offline.  There are lots of suppliers of cheap, generic, low-quality, and even free legal forms that appeal to the penny-wise, but dollar foolish entreprenuer.  All legal forms, however, are not created equally, and the real cost of a poorly drafted legal form is not limited to its purchase price.  Savvy business owners and attorneys understand this and choose Small Business Legal Forms™.

Drafted by Seasoned Business Attorneys 

Small Business Legal Forms™ documents are drafted by seasoned business attorneys for use in their own daily law firm practices with an experienced concern for comprehensively addressing legal issues while maximizing ease of use and flexibility. 

Flexible Forms using Microsoft Word®

Our forms are created using either the Microsoft Word® text format with comments for each blank guiding you to completion of the form or using the Microsoft Word® form feature.  The Microsoft Word® form feature allows the user to simply tab through, complete, or customize the various blank and highlighted default text sections in each document, or to unlock and change any part of the body of the form.  Some documents are available in both formats.  The format type is shown on each form order page and links to each available format are provided at time of purchase.  You may download both formats where available.

Our Legal Forms may be Completed with Confidence 

Small Business Legal Forms™ documents may be completed with confidence because guidance is given to the user in five ways.

Available Immediately upon Purchase 

After you have purchased a form using our secured payment service and your credit or debit card has been successfully processed, a confirmation page appears.  The section of the confirmation page titled Product Downloads contains one link for each file format the form is available in (usually a Microsoft Word® fill-in-the-blank form, Microsoft Word® plain text form, or both).  You may download all or any available formats by clicking on the appropriate link or links.  To see a sample screen shot, click here.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Refund Policy

Previews of sample documents are provided for most documents on each document page.  You are highly encouraged to review such sample documents closely to ensure that any document to be purchased is consistent with your needs and expectations.  However, if you are not satisfied with any document purchased by you, simply delete the document and notify us within 24 hours of its purchase and complete an online questionairre representing and warrantying that you have permenantly deleted the document and all copies and will not use it or any copy of it.  A refund will be provided on the condition that you do not abuse this policy. We do not represent, warrant, or guarantee that any particular form or document is suitable for your needs and purposes, which may only be determined by you individually or in consultation with competent and properly licensed legal counsel.

Attorney Owned & Operated

Small Business Legal Forms™ is trade name and trademark of Orthos Logos, LLC and was founded by a small business attorney with over 10 years experience in assisting small businesses with their legal and documentary needs.  Attorneys throughout the country have assisted in creating and reviewing this comprehensive library of documents.  However, we are not a law firm and not your attorneys. We advise all businesses to have legal forms and documents reviewed by a qualified business attorney licensed in the appropriate state.

Did You Find What You Need?  If Not, Contact Us!

Our library of forms greatly exceeds what has been converted to Microsoft Word® fill-in format.  Let us know what you are looking for.  If we have a sample form similar to what you are looking for we will do our best to have it completed and online within 24 hours.  Contact us online or call 803.753.7775 now!

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